Thanks you for everything Stephanie. Today is my last day here and I’m leaving as a changed person. If it wasn’t for Agape i really don’t know where I would be at in my life. I couldn’t has been in any better place for this past year. Thanks for all the trips and outings you and Adrian let me participate in. I really appreciate everything.


This is Donelle…………….

Entered program– 3/30/16
Enrolled in school- Delta April 2016
Achieved level 2- Fast Track April 14th
Achieved level 3- Fast Track 5/18/16
Obtained Birth Certificate- 4/18/16
Obtained California ID-5/13/16
Obtained Employment 4/29/16Z
Completed Food Handlers Cert – 4/27/16
Graduated High School- 6/8/16 (3.25 GPA)
Applied for THPP 4/5/2016
Accepted into THPP- 6/6/16
Got off of probation 6/13/16 (signed by judge)
Completed FASFA Application- 4/19/16
Enrolled at Hancock College- 4/19/16
Registered for Classes at AHC- 5/26/16
Opened Checking Account 6/13/16 – Deposited Checks ($485.13)

  • Attended all Individual and Group Therapy possible
  • Attended All ILP’s he was available to attend
  • Maintained Clean Tests throughout placement
  • Maintained physical activity even if only to Gym or runs in the community

Because of his hard work, dedication, and commitment to himself and his own success,
Donelle has been able to enjoy additional things supported by the group home such as:

Submitted for Savings Matching 6/14/16: Approved $485.13
Participation in Grad Night (Disneyland)
Participation in Overnight College Trip
Recipient of personal Laptop
Participation in Prom- (didn’t attend due to date being unable to attend)
Recipient of brand new mountain bike to assist with transportation after transition
Clothing allowances (increased based on level 3)
Birthday wishes granted based on level 3

 Be Like Donelle  🙂